Silviano believes in being sustainable, high-quality, and tech-enabled leather accessories that are designed for the modern-day market.

Silviano is the dreamchild of a 3rd generation family-run business. Our vision is to create products that blend the world of design, ecology, and technology in ways that touch the lives of modern-day consumers.

After working in the leather handbag industry for many years, we noticed a lack of options for high-quality accessories that were sustainable, affordable, adaptable to the modern-day tech market, and made life on the go more convenient.


We spent over 3 years developing several prototypes to create a product that was of the highest quality, manufactured ethically using sustainable materials, and adaptable to the modern-day tech market. We decided to combine the knowledge of skilled craftsmanship and quality passed down to us by our forefathers, along with our passion for modern design, upcycling, and tech to create the perfect amalgamation of new and old.

Our aim is to offer a high-value product at an affordable price, using sustainable materials and the latest technology.