Q. Do you have any physical stores?

We don't currently have any physical stores however we are present at a number of multi-brand stores, a list of which can be found here.

Q. Do you offer personalization?

We will soon offer exclusive personalization services on all Silviano. Follow us to find out when. For customization of bulk orders please find more information here.

Q. Do you offer gift wrapping services?

We offer a luxury gift wrap service in which your order is carefully wrapped in beautifully textured paper and finished with a hand-tied ribbon.

Q. Do you offer a warranty on your products?

We offer a one-year warranty covering manufacturers’ defects, from your date of purchase. More information about our warranty can be found here.


Q. How do I care for my Silviano product?

Leather is a natural product. Do not expose your Silviano product to wet, damp or humid conditions or high temperatures. We've put together some great tips and a  Care Guide to looking after your Silviano products here.

Q. Where are your bags made?

All Silviano products are designed in our head office in London and made in-house in our factory in India, by master artisans whom we have trained for decades. Keeping the entire business vertically integrated helps us monitor the entire production and quality control process from end to end.

Q. What can I fit inside the Silviano Sleeve?

The Sleeve comes in 2 sizes: 13”/16” and is designed to fit all laptops/tablets of this size range. Apart from fitting your laptop/tablet, it has multiple pockets for an organization - 3 card slots, a detachable key ring, pen holder, slot for a tracker, 2 slip pockets, and a large mesh pocket for miscellaneous items. The zip at the back can be used for our ultra-slim power bank and your phone.


Q. How does the tracker work?

Our tracker works with Global crowd-GPS tracking. If you’ve lost your Silviano product, ring it from your phone or check its last-known location on the map. If you’ve lost your phone, simply press your tracker twice to make your phone ring, even when it’s in silent mode. You can also set up alerts on your phone so you get notified every time you leave without your Silviano product.

Q. What is RFID & why do I need it?

RFID is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification”. RFID skimming is a form of digital theft that enables information from RFID-equipped credit cards to be read and duplicated. It can be used as a form of wireless identity theft or credit card theft. Our RFID lining technology is designed to prevent digital data theft & electronic pickpocketing via RFID skimming.

Q. What devices are compatible with the Silviano power bank?

Our revolutionary power bank can also be used to charge your tablets, laptops, AirPods, Fitbit, Nintendo switch, and all Android and iPhone.

Q. Is the power bank used for wireless charging only?

Our revolutionary power bank can be used for both wireless and cable charging. The wireless feature can be used for all phones that are compatible with wireless charging. You can use our power bank to charge up to 3 devices at the same time. For example your laptop and iPad with cable and your phone wirelessly.

Q. Can the charger wirelessly charge laptops?

We use the most advanced battery for fast wireless charging of your Apple, Samsung, and all other devices. Unfortunately, MacBooks and modern laptops have not yet come up with wireless charging, hence currently, your laptop charging wire is needed to charge your laptop USB-C port.


Q. What is eco-friendly leather?

Eco-friendly leather that is tanned without the use of any harmful chemicals. Since vegetable tanning is a more natural process, it is much more eco-friendly as compared to the full chrome leather which produces toxins in its tanning process.

Q. How is eco-leather better than vegan leather?

Artificial/vegan leather is actually the opposite of being environmentally friendly as it is made using plastic materials. The manufacture and disposal of PVC-based synthetics let out hazardous dioxins, which can cause developmental and reproductive issues and even cancer. When PVC ends up in a landfill it does not decompose like genuine leather and can release dangerous chemicals into the water and soil.

Further, a real, good quality leather can last decades, whereas faux leather does not age well, and starts cracking after a few years.

Another important factor to consider is the environmental impact of replacing a fake leather product multiple times is arguably more damaging than the purchase of one real leather item, that lasts for many years.

Q. What is upcycled leather?

Upcycled leathers used in making Silviano products are the highest quality of leftover stock leathers that are handpicked from our partner factories around the world to develop limited edition ranges. These leathers would have otherwise been discarded and ended up in landfills.

Q. Where do we source our leather from?

Our leathers are carefully sourced from tanneries based around India. All our leathers and tanneries are LWG certified. We use the highest quality of vegetable-tanned or upcycled leathers to make our Silviano products.

Q. Do we source our leather sustainably?

We work with leathers that are a by-product of the food industry rather than bred for stock leather. We also ensure that all industrial waste generated from the production of such leather is recycled and repurposed.

Q. What is Tamponata?

Over the years leather absorbs the traces of its surroundings and the things it comes in contact with - the natural oils of your body, sunlight, water, dirt, dust, heat. Over time, it develops a natural patina. A naturally developed patina is the soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather, imparting a character to the product. A patina on the leather is like the hallmark of a high-quality leather good. The Tamponata effect is like the natural Patina, given to the leather at the start.

Tamponata is a type of hand-finishing done on leather, where the color is applied with a soft pressure, layer upon layer, to give the leather a shaded effect. The color is dark along the edges and lighter on the interior. The varying degree of darkness and lightness gives the leather beautiful tones and a great depth.

It’s a highly skilled traditional Italian technique that gives the leather a special character and unique finish. We use a vegetable-tanned cowhide as a base for the Silviano Sleeve. Each and every piece of the product is hand painted separately. This natural effect gives the leather a rich and luxurious look, that looks more beautiful with age.


Q. Where will my Silviano order ship from?

Our warehouse and fulfillment center is located in the UK, from where all our orders are shipped.

Q. Can I change or cancel my order once it has been placed?

You can change your order long as it has not been shipped. Just email us Please note that orders that have already been shipped, would need to go through the returns process.

Q. Can I change or edit my address after placing my order?

If you realize that you have made a mistake in the completion of your address please get in contact with our support team as soon as possible at


Q. What is Silviano's Return Policy?

At Silviano our aim is to make sure every customer is pleased with the product and experience. All returned products must be new and unused, with all tags still attached, and returned to us within 15 days of purchase. We will not be able to accept returned goods if they are not received in their original condition. We recommend using the original packaging to ensure returned items are adequately protected.

Q. When will I get my refund?

It can take our warehouse up to two weeks to receive and process your return. We'll be sure to send a refund notification email as soon as we've issued your refund!