Our products are handcrafted using the highest quality of raw materials to ensure that your Silviano product lasts you a lifetime. All our leathers and tanneries are LWG certified.


Our tamponata products are handcrafted using the highest quality of full-grain eco-friendly leather and finished with Italian waxes using our signature hand-painted Tamponata technique to create a luxurious look.
Eco-leather is leather that is made with exclusive vegetable tanned cowhide. Veg tanned leather ages gracefully and for this reason, each Silviano product becomes more beautiful with time.


Over the years Leather absorbs the traces of its surroundings and the things it comes in contact with- the natural oils of your body, sunlight, water, dirt, dust, heat. Over time, It develops a natural patina. A patina on the leather is like the hallmark of a high-quality leather good. The Tamponata effect is like the natural Patina, given to the leather at the start.
Tamponata is a type of hand-finishing done on leather, where the color is applied with a soft pressure, layer upon layer, to give the leather a shaded effect that is dark along the edges and lighter on the interior. The varying degree of darkness and lightness gives the leather beautiful tones and a great depth.
We use a veg tanned cowhide as a base for the Silviano product. Each and every piece of the product is hand painted separately. This natural effect gives the leather a rich and luxurious look, that looks more beautiful with age.


At the core of our brand, we aim to minimize our environmental impact by making products that are sustainable.
Our upcycled collection is made using the highest quality of premium leather by working with partner factories to maximize the usage from each handpicked hide to limit wastage.


Our soft-touch lining material used in our sleeves resembles faux suede material. It adds a sleek and striking look to the product and provides cushioning to the articles inside.


Our products have been embedded with an extra layer of security i.e. a special RFID lining that protects you from digital theft of RFID skimming and electronic pickpocketing, thus keeping your personal contactless Credit Card information secure.


All our products at Silviano are made using the YKK zippers, the most dependable zipper brand available.

YKK is a household Japanese brand name that has been around for more than 80 years and these smooth and secure zippers add to the aesthetics of our products.